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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Contact me to learn more about private group sessions, guest teaching, workshops and other ways my practice, experience and knowledge can support you.


Yin + Restore

Every Monday @ 7:30pm

Honest Soul Yoga Tysons

Long held poses, deep stretching, mental release, and little bit of yoga nidra to close the evening.



Every Monday @ 6:00pm

Honest Soul Yoga Tysons

Playful, creative, intentional, heated flow set to playlists inspired by my early-2000 years working in NYC nightlife. 



Thursday @ 9:30am

Honest Soul Yoga Tysons

Strength Building Slow Flow. Core & Lower Body. Warm up with a core strengthening sequence followed by a slow flow spending time in long holds in heat0building poses to stimulate deep stabilizing systems, personal alignment, and mental resilience. 



Tuesday @ 12:00pm (Express)

Thursday @ 12:00pm (Express)

Honest Soul Yoga Tysons

Warm. Upbeat. Power Flow. Journey through an upbeat sequence arc that gives nod to our power yoga root. 



Monday @ 4:00pm

Tuesdays @ 9:30am

Honest Soul Yoga Tysons

50 minute class inspired by Pilates designed to strengthen your powerhouse of stability and movement. Playlist inspired by my early-2000 years working in NYC nightlife. 


Yoga on Bellwood

Every Friday @ 10:00am

Bellwood Road, Bethesda MD.

Join me in my home studio in the Bradley Hills Grove neighborhood for a moderate Vinyasa flow mixing traditional poses, deep stretching and core work.

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