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Lauren Feldman Yoga


“Lauren is a wonderful teacher and resource! As a mom who works full-time, Lauren has helped me find balance and clarity in my hectic life. After our sessions I always feel more focused and energized to tackle my day. She is the first yoga teacher I have found who makes the practice fun and relatable."   

Lauren H. (Spotify)

Lauren Feldman Yoga


"Lauren led my colleagues and I in Chair Yoga during the workday. It was such a refreshing break!  I was able to regain mental clarity and refresh strained muscles in my neck, back and wrists.  I wish we could have her lead sessions with us everyday!" 

Jason A. (Tik Tok)

Lauren Feldman Yoga


"I can't say enough good things about Lauren's teaching!! I've tried a few different yoga classes but hers is the first I really loved. She makes class both enjoyable and easy for a beginner like me, but still interesting and challenging enough for the more seasoned participants. Definitely the most relaxing part of my week!"


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